I am an IT security consultant. In my daily job I realize intrusion tests on our clients websites and infrastructure.

I have also work on configuration review, code review and even social engineering over the phone.

On my free time, I develop for my own purposes and complete security challenges. You will find more by visiting this website.

I am also trying to make the world a better place by helping people to master vim in French social events called Tuppervim.

Open Source

I am an Open Source enthusiast. I discover this world in September 2009. My first GNU/Linux installation was an Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Linx in June 2010. So on I always have a GNU/Linux distribution installed on my computer or my servers. Actually my servers run on Debian and my desktops run on Arch Linux.


I used maggick as a pseudo. This was given to me by my colleagues at Bearstech in summer 2012. I used it on irc on github and on some forums.


The social links in the right panel give your four different ways to contact me:

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  4. Stackoverflow