Scam my mother

Today I was confronted to the first telephonic scam of my life.

I was in holiday at my mother place when the phone rings. I hear my mother said "Je ne parle pas anglais" meaning "I do not speak English" therefore I grab the phone and start talking to the person bothering my mother in English.

This person pretended to be part of Microsoft and that our registered computer was giving alerts about some malware and hacker in our system. This person English had a strong Indian color. I asked him were did he gets this French phone number moreover my mother's number (the computer us a MSDNA licence registered at my name and eventually with my phone number, not my mother one). All I get was that the number was in their "local database" I try to explain to the person that a local database doesn't mean anything. This is when this person surrender and give me someone else still working at Microsoft.

This new person ask me to go in front of my computer and to type "windows+r" which lead to execute and then enter eventwr which would lead to the system events log. That is were I stop all of this because it was obviously a scam.

I regret to have cut the communication and I wish that I had follow the scenario at its end. Moreover I read a few weeks before on a blog that I follow that a security professional had fun with this guys by telling them that they had a problem with their phone and lead them to type the code executing the phone's factory reset. That seems very funny and I wish I got the idea of doing it at this time.

If you google 'eventwr scam' you will found that I am not the only one who get this scan and that a lot of other people get fun with them.

Now all I am waiting for is for an other call of this people and to execute this ideas of following the scenario at its end and then to reset the operator phone.